• Will the TYPE-C charger often get hot and damage the battery? Feb 08, 2023
    With the popularity of smart phones, we use mobile phones almost every day, and we need to charge the mobile phone every day, and we will find a problem, whether it is charging the mobile phone in standby mode or charging while playing with the mobile phone, TYPE-C charger charging will get hot. In this case, will the battery be damaged? The power of TYPE-C chargers on the market is generally very large, generally above 45W. If the power is large, the converted voltage will generate a lot of heat, but as long as it is within the rated power range of the mobile phone, the battery will not be consumed. service life. There are many reasons for battery damage. For example, the charging current and the high temperature of the battery will also affect the life of the battery. When the battery is charging, the current is too high, which will seriously damage the battery, and even cause Type-C If the temperature of chargers and mobile phones is too high, accidents such as short circuit, explosion, and burning will occur. Of course, if the temperature of the battery is too low, the activity of lithium ions will decrease, and the performance of the battery will be greatly reduced.   Therefore, the current TYPE-C charger will not cause damage to the battery. If some counterfeit chargers are used, there is no charging protection circuit inside these products, which will easily damage the battery. In addition, our bad charging habits will also affect the life of the battery.   LVSUN is the most trusted charger manufacturer,over 22 years's factory experiences for GaN PD Charger,Wall Charger, USB Charger, Car Charger, Laptop Charger, Laptop AC adapter, Digital Camera Battery Charger, Power Bank and Wireless Charger.

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